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Birthdate:Jan 12
Location:Mystic Falls, Virginia, United States of America
Ms. Mystic Undead
Just your average, teenage vampire...
Name: Caroline Forbes

Age:17 (forever) 18

Main Character Trait: Vampire

Abilities: superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and accelerated healing. Oh, the being immortal thing is kinda fun, too.

Weaknesses: Insecurities, fire, vervain, stake-through-the-heart

Occupation: High School Student

Height: 5’6”

Color of Hair: Blonde

Color of eyes: Blue

The Necessary Boring Stuff:

I am in no way affiliated with The Vampire Diaries, the CW, Kevin Williamson or any of the awesome people involved in making Caroline Forbes the adorable, awesome vampire she is. I am also sadly not the very beautiful Candice Accola who portrays her.

This is just for fun, I make no profit whatsoever from all of this. I'm poor, please don't sue.

Both Muse and Mun are well over the age of 18, just in case you were wondering. (Well, I'm well over. Caroline is technically 18... Or she would be if Katherine hadn't killed her... The bitch.)
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